A World-Changing Company
Committed to building the
highest-quality, lowest-cost energy storage products.

VRB® Energy is a fast-growing, global clean technology innovator and the leader in vanadium redox batteries.

Large-scale solutions that support the transition to renewable energy.

Our company has developed the most reliable, longest-lasting vanadium flow battery in the world, with more than 30 megawatt-hours installed and in construction worldwide, and over 800,000 hours of demonstrated performance. 

VRB Energy is majority-owned by High Power Exploration Inc. (HPX), a metals-focused exploration company that also invests in metals and minerals-based technologies to sustainably support an urbanizing planet and the global transition to renewable energy.

HPX is a subsidiary of I-Pulse, a global leader in developing innovative commercial applications for pulsed power technologies.

For more information about HPX: www.hpxploration.com

For more information about I-Pulse: www.ipulse-group.com



Transforming the renewable energy landscape takes experience and commitment.

VRB Energy is empowered to achieve clean energy solutions for a better tomorrow.

At VRB Energy, we are deeply committed to advancing our core technology, and to demonstrating how vanadium redox flow batteries are truly the ideal storage solution for the grid of the future, incorporating smart power grids and integrating massive amounts of renewable energy.

As a global leader in the development and manufacture of vanadium redox batteries, VRB Energy is methodically scaling up to meet the needs of our customers for long-duration and large-scale storage systems.

Our proven technology and impressive track record includes over 30MWh of units installed globally. These systems are based on our 250kW Power Module, with most systems of 4-hours duration or longer. We have a large pipeline of projects based on our pending 500kW Power Module, with energy capacity in durations of 4 to 8-hours.

VRB Energy is a global corporation with manufacturing and engineering subsidiaries in China. We are actively engaged in multiple key renewable energy markets around the world, including North America, Australia, India, South Africa and Brazil.


Modernizing infrastructure by increasing efficiency and utilization.

At VRB Energy, we have a shared passion in creating a better environment for today and for future generations. 

Since 2007, VRB Energy has continuously focused its mission (and vision) towards a clean, reliable and low-cost energy future.

As such, we identified that the long-duration, high-cycle, and almost 100% recyclable properties of the vanadium redox battery would be a key enabler to this new energy economy. Since then we have set out to perfect the technology through countless hours of research, development and real-world testing.

It’s this shared employee-wide commitment to building the highest quality, lowest cost of energy products – that drives the work we do every day.


VRB Energy has an experienced investor base with a track record of raising more than US$25 billion.

We have accomplished this through a diverse range of financing vehicles on world capital markets since 1993.

Our main investor, High Power Exploration Inc. (HPX), is a subsidiary of I-Pulse, a global leader in developing innovative commercial applications for pulsed power technologies.

HPX and I-Pulse management and directors have a proven record of scaling-up some of the largest mining operations in the world, as well as bringing innovative new technologies to market.


The VRB Energy leadership team is comprised of forward-looking and experienced executives helping build the global renewable energy sector.


VRB Energy has invested over $90 million in the development of its technology, and has strategic partnerships for the long-term supply of vanadium.


VRB Energy is one of the world’s fastest-growing, privately-held clean technology innovators, with a skilled team deployed across the globe.

“With HPX investment, VRB Energy is well positioned to deliver a number of large-scale projects, including several projects in central China and overseas that are connected to grid-scale solar and wind farms, as well as microgrids”

Dr. Mianyan Huang, CEO

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