Grid-scale Energy Storage
Infinite cycle warranty for project life, at full Depth of Discharge.

VRB® Energy maximizes energy generated from wind and solar.

More energy from the sun reaches the earth in a single hour than humanity uses in an entire year.

The sun’s rays also warm the earth, causing air to rise and generating wind currents that we can harness with wind turbines.

VRB Energy can capture this variable energy with energy storage, and convert this free fuel into nearly limitless clean energy. VRB-ESS® are ideally suited to charge and discharge throughout the day to balance this variable output of solar and wind generation.

VRB-ESS® is able to respond to grid conditions within ½ cycle, providing frequency and voltage support in real time, while simultaneously serving longer-duration energy needs.

VRB Energy VRB-ESS® deliver numerous benefits including:

  • Unlimited cycle life at full depth of discharge.
  • Electrolyte that never wears out and is recyclable.
  • Proven high availability with low-cost operation and maintenance.
  • Inherently safe design with no risk of sudden, unintended release of stored energy.
  • Accurate, real-time state of charge measurement means more flexibility for operators.
  • Ability to transition between grid-connected and microgrid-isolated modes of operation.



VRB Energy is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified.

We work with global leaders in quality management certification to continuously improve performance and ensure a high quality product.

VRB Energy VRB-ESS® have been reviewed and are in compliance with European system quality and safety guidelines.

Our manufacturing facility is ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. This means that our long life, low degradation battery is certified and verified safe, and environmentally friendly.


A decade of experience across multiple application in global deployment.

With experience comes proven technology, with proven technology comes reliable products.

With over 800,000 hours of operation, and millions of cycles on systems in our research and development labs and in the field, VRB Energy has the most proven technology and reliable energy storage products in the industry today.

Our global customers are setting out to transform the largest utility grids in the world and demand low-cost and long-life performance.

As the leading provider of vanadium redox battery technology, VRB Energy has recently been awarded a contract for a 3 MW / 12 MWh VRB as Phase 1 of the Hubei Zaoyang 10MW 40MWh Storage Integration Demonstration Project. This first phase will be installed in Zaoyang, Hubei to integrate a large solar photovoltaic system into the grid.

Following this 10MW 40MWh project, there will be a larger 100MW 500MWh energy storage project that will be the cornerstone of a new smart energy grid in Hubei Province. This large project will serve as a critical peak power plant, delivering reliability and emissions reductions.


Scalability and Flexibility.

Flexibility for project owners to scale up power and storage separately as project needs adapt to meet changing application needs.

VRB Energy battery capacity and power are designed to be scaled independently, allowing customers more flexibility in achieving large scale power installations, and enabling them to design new high-power and high-capacity renewable energy projects.


VRB-ESS® offer renewable energy with lowest lifecycle cost of energy.

The storage duration can be extended at at marginal costs.

Lithium-based batteries have inherently shorter lifetimes and are not ideal for longer duration storage of 4+ hours.

Vanadium outperforms lithium on depth-of-discharge (DoD), cycle life, and end of life value (lithium carries a disposal cost). VRB-ESS® are two to three times lower in lifecycle cost of energy.

At the end of 25 or more years of successful project lifetime, the electrolyte can be reused in another battery, or recycled, and the other components can be recycled. This helps lower lifecycle costs and is a significant environmental benefit compared to other types of battery systems.


VRB Energy VRB-ESS® offer more charge cycles than any of the current energy storage battery chemistries, including lithium.


VRB Energy VRB-ESS® vanadium batteries are more competitive than lithium-based batteries when it comes to levelized cost of energy (LCOE).


VRB Energy VRB-ESS® don’t degrade and do not require cell replacements unlike other types of storage.

VRB Energy is ready to help companies and communities around the world achieve 100% renewable energy target.
Our 4-8 hour long-duration vanadium redox batteries provide daily balancing of utility-scale PV and wind farms.

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