A Global Company
We work with leading utilities, developers and EPC firms from around the world.
A Global Company
We work with leading utilities, developers and EPC firms from around the world.

VRB® Energy is a North American company, offering low-cost manufacturing and vanadium sourcing in China.

With offices in New York, Vancouver, Beijing, and New Delhi, we work locally to deliver the right size VRB-ESS® to suite the particular needs of local market applications.

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) VRB Energy provides applications engineering support, installation support, and full commissioning of our systems, as well as ongoing O&M and warranty support.

Our global collaborators understand the basic value proposition of our low lifecycle costs and product safety. This is why we support them in properly sizing and specifying VRB-ESS® that will be optimized for their specific applications – from peak shifting, to renewable energy smoothing, to frequency response and backup power. 

Typically we deliver systems that integrate with large solar and wind farms providing wholesale power to the grid, or stand-alone systems sited at utility substations that provide peak power management, T&D deferral, and frequency support.

VRB Energy also deliver smaller “behind-the-meter” packaged solutions. This helps commercial and industrial customers integrate on-site renewables and offset demand charges to lower their energy bills, as well as add backup power in case of emergencies.



Dependable energy on demand.

Enough energy from the sun reaches the earth every hour to meet the world's energy needs for an entire year.

When photons hit the silicon in a solar panel and dislodge electrons as an electric current, the sun’s rays also warm the earth, causing air to rise and generating wind currents that can be harnessed with wind turbines.

VRB Energy VRB-ESS® capture this variable energy with energy storage so the world can convert this free fuel into nearly limitless clean electricity.

Our energy storage products are a true enabler for solar and wind energy. As increasing levels of renewables are added to utility grids, grid operators will need to rely on longer duration storage to balance energy delivery.

The daily demands of solar and wind power integration require a storage solution that can handle this critical need for daily deep discharging, and VRB-ESS® are well suited to this task.

In addition to time-shifting of energy, VRB-ESS® provide ramp-rate control and frequency response services, turning a solar or wind farm into a reliable power plant that can outperform existing fossil-fuel fired generation, which can be slower to respond to grid events. 


Modernizing infrastructure by increasing efficiency and utilization.

VRB-ESS® can replace peaker plants, and investments in transmission and distribution (T&D) can be deferred.

The wires that make up our electric utility grids represent the largest and longest supply chains in the world, most of which rely on technology and system designs that are decades old. Adding grid-scale energy storage modernizes operation of these grids, while increasing efficiency and utilization of these massive systems. 

VRB Energy VRB-ESS® are proven products that not only help solve the problem of integration of new and variable renewable energy for utilities and grid operators, but also help optimize existing transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure.

Deployment of VRB-ESS® allow operators to delay or avoid expensive and difficult to permit transmission lines, while increasing the utilization factors for existing lines. 

VRB Energy products respond to grid conditions within 70ms, providing frequency and voltage support in real time, delivering both regulation-up and regulation-down services as well as other ancillary services.

In addition, our products can serve as a valuable resource in the wake of natural disasters, increasing overall grid resiliency.


The future of energy independence.

Installed “behind-the-meter” at C&I facilities, VRB-ESS® reduce operating expenses through multiple benefit streams.

Commercial and industrial (C&I) customers around the world are increasingly turning to energy storage to lower their electricity bills and meet their needs for reliable power.

VRB Energy VRB-ESS® reduce operating expenses and deliver value by serving multiple functions, including:

  • reduction of peak demand charges
  • integration and optimization of on-site renewable energy
  • provision of backup power that reduces losses in the event of utility outages
  • reduction of wear on equipment through improvement of power quality

Storage-enabled resiliency and reliability.

Microgrids combine a diverse set of generation and loads on an isolated grid, or on a grid that can be disconnected from a system isolated from the main utility grid.

Microgrids have traditionally been remote or islanded systems that are expensive and challenging to operate because of the difficulty in managing potentially wide swings in generation and load.

By using VRB Energy VRB-ESS® as the backbone of their microgrid, mine sites, island electric grids and remote communities, all have the opportunity to reduce the use of fossil fuel and ensure the integration of reliable power.

As utilities think about the grid of the future, a new emphasis is on designing larger grids composed of multiple smaller microgrids to achieve multiple benefits, including improved grid resilience and integrating more distributed and renewable energy. For these grid-connected systems, VRB-ESS® deliver seamless “connect / disconnect” from the main utility grid, on-command. 


VRB-ESS® enables solar energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the lowest lifecycle cost of energy.


VRB Energy is working with developers and utilities in the United States, Australia, Europe and South Africa for multiple 100MW-class “PV+VRB” projects.


VRB-ESS® deliver the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) when paired with renewables and compared to lithium-ion batteries.

Demand For Global Energy Storage

A majority of use-cases will require long-duration storage.

VRB Energy is ready to help companies and communities around the world achieve 100% renewable energy target.
Our 4-8 hour long-duration vanadium redox batteries provide daily balancing of utility-scale PV and wind farms.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your energy storage needs.